Collection: Cat & Dragon Eyes

Shop now for the awesome cat-eye cosplay contact lenses! Guaranteed to make you look stunning for your next cosplay event. Cat eyes are a favorite feature for most cosplay characters, our cat eye contacts are much popular in Halloween and Costume events. 

Have you ever thought that why Cats have such strange and haunting eyes? Their eyes have the black parts in the centers of their eyes are vertical, thin slits in cats - as opposed to circular pupils - allow for a huge change between the constricted and dilated states, and are capable of undergoing up to a 300-fold change in the area. That means this gives them a huge advantage when they're hunting. They can open their pupils super-wide, allowing even small amounts of light into their eyes so they can see on dark nights.

That's why so many cosplayers choose cat eye contact lenses for one of the costumes necessities. By wearing the cat contacts, go and enjoy hunting at the events night!